KindredBio supports New Horizon Ranch – both working to strengthen the bond between horses and humans

KindredBio is a veterinary biopharmaceutical company based in Burlingame, CA that is focused on a strong development pipeline serving the horse with the motto “best medicines for our best friends.” KindredBio’s co-founder and many employees are horse people and advocates for the bond between horses and people with an understanding of how these animals change people’s lives. The value of the horse goes way beyond high end athletes such as our Olympic horses or Kentucky Derby winners.  Even retired or back yard horses touch human lives in unimaginable ways.

New Horizon ranch is a therapeutic riding center located in Rantoul, KS.  When you think “therapeutic riding,” most people imagine physically disabled children riding a horse.  That is partly true, but there is so much more to the purpose of the horses at New Horizon Ranch.  New Horizon Ranch serves children, teens, adults and seniors in need through various programs such as Giddy up and Read, Silver Spurs, Hippotherapy, Mending Fences, and summer day camps.  New Horizon also partners with local facilities and programs to support the underprivileged and elderly communities through equine assisted activities.

Dr. Valentine Williams, the Director of Veterinary Affairs at KindredBio, explains how she, KindredBio, and New Horizon all share their feverish desire to serve the horse and the people alongside them. “I sit on the board at New Horizon Ranch and, as they celebrate 10 years in the making, I have watched them profoundly influence the lives of so many people through the horse. Not only the riders and receivers of the service, but the families and the horses themselves.  The riding center’s horses, many of which are no longer able to serve in their traditional use, become these kid’s best friends and often the high point of their week.  Parents who would never be able to afford equine assisted activities are able to watch their kids grow and be transformed by the relationship with these horses through the amazing people that volunteer and support this community.  There are endless numbers of volunteer hours and financial supporters that make this happen for this community.  It all starts here.  The ways in which we can get involved in our communities changing lives is how we impact the world in our own way.  KindredBio’s founders and employees support communities changing lives through horses such as New Horizon Ranch.  It is the people within the company that allow this to happen at this level. We can all partner to promote wellness and health in horses that transcends animals to wellness and health (mental and physical) in people.”

Please visit the websites for both KindredBio and New Horizon Ranch to see how they are developing, serving, and building on the bond between horse and human.