KindredBio is a biotechnology company that develops medicines for pets. We believe that our animal family members deserve the same great medicines that human family members enjoy.

The Approach

We identify drugs, biologics, and targets that have been validated in humans and develop animal versions to treat and cure pets. We seek to leverage the investments that have been made in human pharmaceutical R&D to develop therapies for pets with lower risk, lower cost, and shorter time-to-market, compared to human drug development.

The Opportunity

We believe KindredBio can deliver superior returns to investors because while the market sizes for pet drugs are about 10-fold smaller compared to human market sizes, the cost of development is 100-fold less.

World Class Team

KindredBio is one of the first pet biotechs in the world, and we have a world-class team, including the former Director of FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and the former Head of Biotherapeutics Clinical Research at Genentech. Because of the team, and because we do not outsource our clinical studies, we can move at a very rapid pace. We anticipate 2 launches in less than 2 years.

In addition, in the technically demanding area of biologics, KindredBio also has one of the most experienced teams in the pharmaceutical industry, with experts drawn from companies like Genentech and Amgen. We also have access to some of the most cutting-edge antibody technologies.

Contact Us

To contact investor relations, or to request an investor packet, please call 650.701.7904 or email

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